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T4, T5, T6 Specialists

East Sussex based T4, T5, T6 specialists

Control module swapping or adaption

Control module coding, cruise control fitting and activation, service light resetting, sensor recalibration, clearing of DPF data after cleaning or replacement and much more.

Fault code reading and analysis

Engine management, ABS or Airbag lights showing on your dash we have the ability to diagnose and correct the issue at the fraction of the cost of a main dealer.

Full VCDS diagnostic service

With the lastest VCDS on premises we can offer dealer level diagnostic and calibration of your vehicles electronic management systems.

Realising your vehicles potential


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Custom Exhaust Systems

If you require something a little out of the ordinary we can supply you with a custom built stainless system to compliment your engine and turbo.

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Intercooler Upgrades

A custom built Intercooler will help you squeeze the maximum amount of power out of your setup, if your van is a standard 88 bhp version with no intercooler or a 102 bhp version with a tiny inefficient standard top mounted cooler a large front mounted cooler will help keep your inducted air at the lowest possible temperature and the cooler the air the greater the bhp.

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Turbocharger Upgrades

We are currently developing and testing several upgraded turbos systems to suit the 2.5tdi T4, the standard KKK k14 turbo is fine for a standard vehicle but is very small by modern standards and as a result is the major limiting factor when looking to go a stage further than a stage 1 tune. The turbo systems we are developing will allow you to get the maximum power out of your setup without the risk of massive back pressure and temperature in your engine which in the long run will cause major damage.

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Injector Upgrades

Upgrade your tired old injectors for a set of performance injectors. As your injectors age they slowly deteriorate giving as a result poor spray pattern, reduced flow and leaking nozzles, all this results in a lack of performance, poor starting and high smoke output and reduced mpg.

Give your van a new lease of life with a set of reconditioned injectors and you will be amazed at the difference.

We offer custom tuning to suit your new injectors giving you the best possible gain and efficiency.

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Powerful Partnerships

RCH Tuning working in partnership with Resto Classics and Pendle performance for all your electronic and mechanical tuning needs.

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